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Bat Mitzvah

"A pledge to grow in mind and spirit, extending help and hope to others. To believe in one's self and uphold the ideals of Judaism. Striving each and every day to be a better person."

Benefits children victims of terrorism and violence in Israel (Kav-Or). Cut paper collage created By Lori Peha Kezner, August, 2003. 11" x 17" poster, framed art, greeting card, bookmark and note pad.

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About the Picture

The original is created with tissue paper and then layered over hand-made paper. The prints are high-quality photo laser reproductions that allow the depth of the layered effect to come out of the picture.

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About the Organization

Kav-Or is a voluntary organization that is part of the The David Yellin College of Education In Jerusalem, Israel and provides children in hospitals with computers through which distance-learning services, virtual playgrounds, and encounters in virtual environments are offered. Since 1993 the Kav-Or distance-learning program for hospitalized children has been providing services for over 100,000 children in hospital wards nationwide in Israel, from Eilat in the south to Nahariya and Safed in the north.

The services offered by Kav-Or help children remain in touch with their respective schools and friends and, no less importantly, contribute to reducing anxiety in the stressful environment that surrounds hospitalized children. In the current security situation in Israel, each month more injured children are rushed off to hospitals throughout Israel, due to incidents or terrorists acts and violence. Traumas suffered by the children as a result of terrorism can be physical or emotional. Some children are hospitalized for brief periods, while others, suffering severe injuries, are hospitalized for lengthy periods of time, mainly in the orthopedics, rehabilitation, and psychiatric wards. And, there are many children who, after they have been discharged, must return to hospitals as outpatients for treatment on a regular basis.

No one can predict how many victims of terrorist attacks will require treatment and where such attacks may take place, or which hospital will receive the victims. So, in order to try and meet these special needs, Kav-Or has been purchasing computers that are transferred to hospitals on a needs basis.

More About Kav-Or


Special Invitation

OneFarStar and Kav-Or have set up a special way for you to interact with the children that have will directly benefit from the donation from this poster. This pass entitles you to:

1) Memorialize your Bar or Bat Mitzvah by writing a short note in English or Hebrew to the children in the hospital wards. This note will be posted on the Kav-Or electronic bulletin board to show your support for the tough times these kids are seeing in their recovery.

2) Participate in a live online art session with children that are in hospitals right now. This is held twice a week at scheduled times.



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